ABOUT THIS ISSUE: In April 2019, the Barrington 220 Board of Education is considering asking voters a referendum question on the general election ballet, one that could have a far-reaching impact on the future success of Barrington 220 students and all Barrington residents. Don’t miss QB’s Guest Essay and Cover Feature to learn more.

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Quintessential Barrington

waterfall garden

Barbara L. Benson shares A. C. Buehler’s generous contributions to our community. He is also featured in our story on Fernwood Farm in this issue.

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Quintessential America

old photo of moving a home

The Village of Barrington can trace its first public financing for the earliest settlers back to an original cash book. Find out how this early “bank” got its funding, and where this form of local government came from.

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Jennifer McGinnis turned an auto enthusiast’s dream of the perfect garage for his sports cars into reality. See the outcome!

From Our Contributors

Down Cellar - Jim Bryant's Wine Column: Jim Bryant shares his South African wine adventure and visit with winemaker Jaqueline Haasbroek in “Wines Way Down Under”. Read Now.

What’s Cooking - Kathy Harrison: Kathy Harrision saves the picnic at Ravinia with her special hero sandwich and sides. Meet “The Bee Charmer Cookbook” author Carrie Schloss who recently visited Barrington.
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BUMC’s October Rummage Sale
BUMC and its Rummage Sale Committee hosts its 85th anniversary epic rummage sale on Friday, October 5, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday, October 6, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. A Half-Price sale will begin at 3 p.m. on Friday in select areas and various special sales will be announced during the afternoon. Saturday shoppers can take advantage of their bargain Bag Sale, with all the goodies you can fit into a $5 or $10 bag in select departments and a Half-Price sale in the French Room and tent!

Featured in About Town:

Win This Jaguar!

Join Barrington’s NeuroBalance Center staff, friends, and supporters at the Ivanhoe Club for its 8th annual gala fundraiser “Imagine” on Saturday, Sept. 29. Purchase your ticket and you’re entered to win a brand new 2018 Jaguar F-Pace provided by Motor Werks Auto Group! Winner need not be present. For sponsorships or tickets, visit www.NeuroBalanceCenter.org, or call 847-800-6162.
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QB catches up with Amy Stahr Hawking to help celebrate The Little Shop of Paper’s 30th anniversary. Find out what her favorite moments are with this family focused business.
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Open Spaces:
April Anderson covers the subject of our Flint and Spring Creek watersheds that offer a host of ecological services including beautiful, naturally functioning ecosystems which are resilient to extreme weather events, while simultaneously helping cycle nutrients, store carbon, and provide healthy water. Wendy Paulson shares her love of barn swallows, which will head south soon for the winter. The Midwest Foxhound Puppy Show held at Barrington Hills Farm is featured.
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QB's Annual Medical Guide

The best of Barrington’s medical community share information
about state of the art medicine
and dentistry.

Breast Cancer: A Team Approach – Dr. Stephen Madry

The Most Effective Treatments for Back, Spine, and Neck Pain including Stem Cell Therapy – Illinois Pain Institute

Accelerated Dentistry for Busy Lifestyles – Dr. Thomas Jackson

What Is PRP and How Does It Work? – Dr. Michael Gitelis/Gitelis Orthopedics

Your Skin Solutions-Thinking Outside the Box – Dr. Michael Bukhalo/Arlington Dermatology

Women Are Calling It Life Changing – Dr. Randy Zimmerman/OB-GYN

Top 5 Questions to Ask After a Hospital Stay – Ron Benner, Alden Estates Network

Hand Rejuvenation – Dr. Raymond Metz, Jr./Core Orthopedics

Pilates and Physical Fitness: An Integrated Approach to Health and Fitness – Kate Strozak/Advocate Good Shepherd Health & Fitness Center

Comprehensive Care and Treatment for Women’s Neurological Needs – Dr. Manisha Sahay/Northwest Neurology

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital Continues Commitment to Community

IBJI Offers Same Day Orthopedic Care – Illinois Bone & Joint Institute and Lake Cook Orthopedics

Sesquicentennial Edition

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