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The QB Calendar and local happenings and news can be found in our About Town.
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Open Spaces - April Anderson:
April takes a look at the whys and hows of ecological recovery in Extreme Makeover.
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Down Cellar - Jim Bryant's Wine Column: Jim takes you to Piemonte and shares his experience with the Italian food and wine pairings there.
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What’s Cooking - Kathy Harrison: Kathy has you covered with a festive dish perfect for fall and beyond.
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In The Garage - Matt Avery: The 1954 Oldsmobile F-88, featured here, was once a major threat to the Corvette.
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Barrington 220 - Brigid Tileston: Get to know the fine arts offerings throughout Barrington 220 with Director Brigid Tileston.
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Interview – Susan McConnell:
Meet four local superheroes who helped foster children have the summer of their lives.
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Quintessential Barrington

Barbara L. Benson, Barrington’s quintessential historian, covers the Porter School, one of the earliest country schools in a simpler time.
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Quintessential People

Our True North Star: Dee Beaubien has brought her leadership and advocacy to our communities for years. Meet her here as our newest Quintessential Person.
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About Town

For more information on what's happening around Barrington with events and the latest news, read About Town, which starts on page 89 in the current issue. Read now.

Puppy Love

Barrington Hills Farm and HARPS hosted the Midwest Fox Hound Puppy Show and Family Dog Competition in August. Enjoy the show!
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Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital

Volunteers Needed to Rebuild Hurricane-Devastated Homes

Barrington Regional Effort Plans Trip to Houston November 10-19, 2017

volunteers are requested to help those in need to repair and rebuild hurricane-devastated homes in the Houston area on a trip to Harris County, Texas from November 10 – 19th.


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