Polo Perfect!


story by lisa stamos

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On Saturday, September 7, 2019, the LeCompte/Kalaway Trail Owners Polo Matches were met with happy crowds thanks to a warm and sunny afternoon. While there were a few minor glitches—like polo shirts with all the same numbers—the day was spectacular. Trail owners were welcomed into the Trail Owners Tent for lunch and drinks as a special thank-you for allowing horse riders to follow trails that cross their land. Other guests set up tailgates for family and friends to relax with everything from simple to elaborate.

The hard-to-miss newcomer to the polo field this year was the Polo Lounge, the brainchild of Lisa Pollman who works for Schmechtig Landscape Group. Lisa gathered fellow sponsors Larry Carnes, Reflections Water Gardens, Jarmila Singer from Sound Living, Dean MacMorris, Nightlight Illumination, Angeli Angelos of Figenza Vodka, and Mark Hoffmann, Moretti’s Ristorante to create the unique space. The Polo Lounge was a smash hit according to polo goers. Beautiful trees and gardening along with whimsical décor surrounded plenty of comfortable seating. Inside the lounge were food and drinks provided by the sponsors.

The polo matches went off without injuries, the weather cooperated, and everyone had a wonderful afternoon. Thanks go to the sponsors and talented polo players who made the day a success.

TEAM USA, the Ladies sponsored by Quintessential Barrington take on the Team United Kingdom, the Gentleman, sponsored by Sherry and Mark Cope. Photo by Morgan Maison.

Polo players greet guests at the Polo Lounge, a spectacu- lar tailgate event sponsored by Toni Callahan, Schmechtig Landscape Group; Larry Carnes, Reflections Water Gardens; Sound Living, Jarmila Singer; Dean MacMorris, Nightlight Illumination; Angeli Angelos, Figenza Vodka; and Mark Hoffmann, Moretti’s Ristorante.

Left: The Timmerman’s Mounted Drill Team offered a dazzling performance by flag-carrying Western riders on their agile, quick-footed cowponies. Right: John Rosene is president of the Barrington Hills Polo Club. Photo by Al Buschauer.