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A New Season for Barrington Hills Farm


story by Lisa stamos | photography by jason bitton

Barrington Hills Farm is 700 acres of pristine farm and grazing land located in Barrington Hills and McHenry County. Standing watch high over Barrington Hills Farm is a 40-foot-tall red brick silo. Built in 1895, the silo is one of the oldest silos of its kind and a monument to the roots of Barrington Hills. The land of Barrington Hills Farm has been enriched by a long history of organic farming. For much of the past century, Barrington Hills Farm is where the former Strathmore Organic Farms produced organic beef, wheat, and soybeans for regions throughout the Midwest.

Barrington Hills Farm is proud to continue the tradition of organic farming today. Numerous plots are interspersed throughout the property, following the core principles for safe and sustainable organic farming. These standards include replenishment and maintenance of soil fertility, the elimination of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and the creation of a biologically diverse ecology.

Barrington Hills Farm envisions a future of horse trails, fenced pastures, and organic hay and wheat fields. It also includes sponsoring and conducting a variety of fundraising events that help develop community and youth-centric initiatives.

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Paul McFadden has lived in unincorporated Algonquin for nearly 50 years. The Barrington Hills area and especially what was then the MacArthur Farm and now is Barrington Hills Farm offer abundant opportunities for McFadden and his camera to commune with nature. He may be reached at