Designing Barrington Lifestyles

A thoughtfully planned home’s architectural design showcases the best in transitional style, including expertly installed home automation, communication, and security technology managed at the touch of a button.

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It’s What You Don’t See That Matters

The Best of Home and Office Networked Automation Is
Discreet Design and Simple Access

technology Design By Erick Olech | photography By Jim PrischiNg
Written By Lisa stamos

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Erick Olech

When it was time to build their dream home, a Barrington area couple gave themselves a few years to thoughtfully plan every aspect for its overall construction as well as their outdoor living spaces. They chose Smart Builders to work with for the architectural plans and construction. The husband was keen on having a smart home, with automated and integrated technology in every room with simple controls to operate the home from within and remotely. The wife initially wasn’t as concerned about the technology. “I wondered why we needed to have the technology, but now that we are in the home and using it, the experience has become intuitive for me and I’m glad we have it,” she said.

Smart Builders introduced the homeowners to Erick Olech, owner of ECO Automated Designs, an expert in designing seamless home automation installations. Olech is known for his personal attention and patience with his customers, fair pricing, and as having one of three Control 4 Experience Centers in the Chicago area. Olech has worked in the home and business automation industry since 2003 and has run his own firm, ECO Automated Designs, since 2015.

“The optimal time to install technology in your home or business is before the build out,” Olech said. “It’s all about the set-up and chance to hardwire the network throughout the property.” For homeowners planning a renovation, the time to speak to an automation provider is in the planning process, before construction begins. However, he adds, his team can work in any home or commercial space situation and that no job is too small.

Olech has spent his career vetting technology vendors’ equipment makes and models and he has mastered the most efficient and effective way to integrate them into a system. The ability to work with the architect and builder, as well as the homeowner in the planning stage allows for the integration of electricity, lighting, audio, video, internet, surveillance, window treatments, landscape irrigation, and other amenities. In-home power back-up is part of the plan, as well as working with a third-party security company.

ECO Automated Designs sells Control 4 automation systems to manage and centralize the home and business automation systems he builds. Control 4 approached Olech to open one of its Experience Centers as a showroom where his customers can learn about technology options. Olech also prefers Sony for TVs, and Hunter Douglas automated window treatments. Access to the technology is flexible, with voice commands, a phone app, or buttons on the wall. Properties can be monitored for security using remote access, as well.

The transitional interior design of this couple’s new home blends the best of traditional style with contemporary elements in furnishings, finishes, materials, and fabrics. And for them, transitional design has expanded to include discreet, seamless, and user-friendly smart home technology.

Above: The elegant media and game room boosts 5.1 surround sound with a custom speaker bar mounted to the television, rear speakers placed in the ceiling, and a subwoofer speaker located in-wall.

Below left: Hunter Douglas motorized window treatments can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. Middle: The living room includes "invisible" speakers in the ceiling and walls (also a 5.1 sound system) creating a clean aesthetic for the family to enjoy. Right: A portable touch screen allows for the blinds to be moved remotely.


Above: The dining room’s floating TV includes a custom manufactured speaker by Triad below the screen. Speakers are hidden in the room’s ceiling to maintain the home’s clean aesthetic.

Erick Olech is the owner of ECO Automated Designs. He and his team of experienced specialists offer simplified, accurately installed, and properly maintained in-home or commercial business technology systems. Their process is a step-by-step system that offers complete transparency, so you know exactly what you are receiving. For a free assessment,contact ECO Automated Designs at or call 847-475-4442.