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Volunteers Needed to Rebuild
Hurricane-Devastated Homes

Barrington Regional Effort Plans Trip to Houston November 10-19, 2017

Volunteers are requested to help those in need to repair and rebuild hurricane-devastated homes in the Houston area on a trip to Harris County, Texas from November 10 – 19th. The need is great. Over 185,000 homes were estimated to be damaged or destroyed, according to the Texas Division of Emergency Management, putting tens of thousands of residents out of their homes.

The Barrington Regional Hurricane Relief team has connected with Annise Parker of BakerRipley, a local partner on the ground in the Houston area (www.bakerripley.org), to identify the areas where the team can make the largest impact. The projects will be located in economically challenged areas where homeowners cannot afford to make the necessary repairs.

Volunteers and charitable donations can be made online through The Build Team at www.BRHRelief.org, or checks can be mailed or hand-delivered to the following address:

The Build Team/Hurricane Relief 
495 W. Northwest Highway 
Barrington, Illinois, 60010 

An effort like this takes a village of different types of volunteers, not just those who can help with construction,” said John Dawson, owner of Dawson Builders and President of The Build Team (NFP). “We need help with organization and logistics both before and during the effort, as well as cooks, runners and drivers when we are on site.”

The Build Team, a Barrington-based not-for-profit company which helps local homeowners with essential repairs, is just one of the many organizations and businesses in the Barrington area that have come forward to support the effort, both financially and with volunteers. (A complete list is included at the end of this release.)

In addition to volunteers, the Barrington Regional Hurricane Relief effort is also accepting donations. The Foglia Family Foundation has offered to match the first $25,000 donated. All of the donations—100%—will go directly toward rebuilding efforts, with all administrative and logistical costs covered through donations, and with volunteers paying their own way. Only food on site will be covered through the fund. 

The Build Team, a 501(c)(3) organization, has agreed to receive, distribute and account for all charitable contributions to fund exclusively the costs of materials, equipment and other expenses necessary to fulfill the Barrington community’s mission to provide meaningful, hands-on support to hurricane victims. 

An additional trip is being considered for spring of 2018, likely to coincide with District 220’s Spring Break. Details to follow.

“I am always amazed at the generosity of people in the Barrington area in supporting efforts like these,” said Bob Lee. “This effort is truly a coming together of concerned citizens from the entire Barrington region.” 

The Build Team has been helping local homeowners in need with essential repairs to allow them to remain in their homes. John Dawson has experience helping recovery in many areas devastated by hurricanes and flooding, including repair trips to New Orleans, Joplin, Missouri, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. With the news of damage from hurricane Harvey, John was already planning a trip to the Houston area. It made sense for John to share his knowledge and help coordinate this community effort.

The following organizations have joined the effort to date:

  • Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital
  • Barrington - Relay For Life
  • Barrington 220 Educational Foundation
  • Barrington 220 Schools District
  • Barrington Area Community Foundation
  • Barrington Area Council of Governments
  • Barrington Area Council on Aging
  • Barrington Area Development Council
  • Barrington Area Library
  • Barrington Area Ministerial Association
  • Barrington Breakfast Rotary
  • Barrington Chamber of Commerce
  • Barrington Children's Charity
  • Barrington High School
  • Barrington LIONS Club
  • Barrington Masonic Lodge
  • Barrington Noon Rotary
  • Barrington Park District
  • Barrington United Way
  • Barrington White House
  • Cuba Township
  • Fox Point Homeowner's Association
  • Interact Club Barrington High School
  • JourneyCare
  • LIVING60010
  • Local Area Realtors
  • Quintessential Barrington Magazine
  • Roslyn Road "Earlyact"
  • Samaritan Counseling Center
  • The Build Team
  • Village of Barrington
  • Village of Barrington Hills
  • Village of Lake Barrington
  • Village of North Barrington
  • Village of South Barrington

If you have any questions about this planned regional effort to help hurricane victims, please contact Dawson Builders at 847-846-4463 or via email at Alana@dawsonbuilders.com.

You can also contact Tom Malia at thosmalia3@msn.com or Bob Lee at photobylee@mac.com.



For Volunteers Going to Houston

Question - What are the dates?

Answer - We will travel to Houston on November 10 and return November 19. We will working from November 11 to November 18. You needn’t stay the entire time—we are happy to have you for whatever time you can commit. 

Question - What if I have no building skills?

Answer – You don’t need to be handy with a hammer to help. We need all types of volunteers, from those with building skills; to people who can make a house a home (with beds, mattresses, chairs, pictures on the walls); as well as support volunteers to gather supplies, manage housing and cook for the work teams. Spanish-speaking volunteers are encouraged.

Question - What can be done in a week?

Answer - The destruction is massive from the hurricane. Over 60,000 homes were damaged. If we can impact 4 to 5 families, allowing them to move from shelters back into their homes, we will have made a small impact for all of Houston, but a large impact for those families.

Question - As a volunteer, what are my out-of-pocket expenses?

Answer - Volunteers are responsible for their travel expenses and incidentals. All housing and food will be provided while in Houston. Currently there are 3 airlines providing round trip airfares from Chicago O’Hare to Houston for under $200. We will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the community center, and will provide transportation to and from the job site each day.

Question – What do I need to bring with?

Answer – Each volunteer will be responsible for his/her own personal care items and sleeping materials—air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow. If you have them, please bring your own tool belt, tape measure, box cutter and battery hand drill. We’ll provide transportation for these items and provide instructions on where to drop off prior to the trip. Food and transportation will be provided for you in Houston.

Question - Where will I sleep?

Answer - We will stay in BakerRipley Community Center, which has showers and kitchen facilities. We will sleep on the gym and classroom floors. (Please provide your own air mattress/bedding). Nothing luxurious about this trip, but it might be one of your best vacations ever. For those interested, there are local hotels with discounted rates under $100 per night.

Question – Won’t volunteers be taking jobs from local builders?

Answer – No, because we will operate in the poorer communities where the contractors are not working as the homeowners can’t afford to pay for repairs and rebuilding. This is why the well-off neighborhoods are back up quickly and the poor neighborhoods take years.

Question – How old does a volunteer need to be?

Answer – For our trip to Houston, we require that volunteers be at least 18 years of age.

Question – What if I can’t make the November trip?

Answer An additional trip is being considered for spring of 2018, likely to coincide with District 220’s Spring Break. Details to follow.


For Those Wishing to Donate

Question - How will the donations be spent?

Answer - For every $1 of donation, we can provide $4 worth of home repair. The first $25,000 donated will be matched by the Foglia Family Foundation, so your $1 now becomes $2. A typical building project is 50% labor and 50% material. Because our labor is 100% donated through volunteers, we gain an additional $2 in donated labor.

Question - How will my donation be used?

Answer - Charitable donations will be used to buy building supplies, appliances, beds, chairs, food for the volunteers and rental vehicles, if needed. 100% of all donations will go directly to Barrington Regional Hurricane Relief. All administrative or overhead costs are donated.

Question - Is my charitable donation deductible?

Answer – Yes. Because donations will be made through The Build Team's 501C3, all contributions are tax deductible.

Question – How can I make a donation?

Answer – Go to The Build Team web site at www.BRHReleif.org. Or make checks payable to “The Build Team NFP” to be mailed or hand-delivered to:

The Build Team NFP
495 W. Northwest Highway
Barrington, IL 60010

Still have questions? Contact Dawson Builders at 847-846-4463 or via email at Alana@dawsonbuilders.com. You may also contact Tom Malia at thosmalia3@msn.com or Bob Lee at photobylee@mac.com.

Thank you for supporting this community effort!